AW LAB is the Italian reference retailer for sport-style. AW LAB offers an extended collection of sneakers of the most famous international sports brands and an assortment of exclusive editions made in collaboration with them. The proposal is completed by a collection of clothing and accessories of the leading sportswear brands.
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La Playlist della settimana #15
Questa settimana ci siamo dedicati alle musiche dei videogiochi: classici anni ’80, ’90, e contemporanei… dalla semplicita 8-bit, alle elaborate orchestre di oggi. Ascoltatela qui. 01. Super Mario Bros. 02. Final Fantasy VII (Fighting Music) 03. Black Ops II (by Trent Reznor) 04. Grand Theft Auto 5 05. Super Metroid 06. Puzzel Bobble 07. The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM 08. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest 09. Angry Birds 10. The Legend Of Zelda (25th anniversary edition)